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CDTi's unique fleet conversion process is managed by our authorized distributors and our in-house CARB compliance specialists – ensuring full compliance with CARB requirements while optimizing productivity of your fleet operations.


1. Review your fleet’s emission reduction requirements

a. Inventory fleet equipment
i. Vehicle manufacturer and model
ii. Engine manufacturer, model, horsepower and engine family
iii. Application for each vehicle
b. Calculate retrofit needs from extensive understanding of both CARB mandates and emissions technology
i. Overall compliance requirements
ii. Determine vehicles requiring retrofit and compliance timing

2. Measure your fleet’s applications and usage patterns

a. Identify retrofit vehicles based on fleet business practices and usage
b. Review vehicle inventory to determine system sizing and CARB compliance criteria
c. Select vehicles to have temperatures measured and logged, based on CARB requirements
d. Install data-logging units and monitor progress

3. Prescribe solutions that meet requirements and optimize your fleet operations

a. Evaluate vehicle temperature measurement data on selected vehicles
b. Identify optimum solutions for fleet equipment
i. Ensure compliance with applicable CARB mandates
ii. Provides best performance and minimum impact on fleet operations
c. Analyze filter installation(s) for optimum configuration and adaption

4. Retrofit your fleet and provide all required compliance information

a. Install prescribed systems and verify proper function
b. Report to CARB that your Level III Emissions Control Devices were properly installed
c. Provide you with applicable compliance documentation for your files
To get your fleet started down the road to CARB compliance, or to learn more about CARB compliant diesel emission systems,
please feel free to contact one of our authorized distributors or an CDTi CARB compliance specialist.

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