pdfPurifilter Product Overview

Purifilter™ was the first passively regenerating diesel particulate filter (DPF) to attain an industry-leading 90% particulate emissions reduction value from the US EPA .

Purifilter™ employs a silicon carbide substrate and precious metal catalyst coating – providing superior performance and durability compared to traditional DPFs.

Under common operating conditions, Purifilters automatically oxidize accumulated particulates. Purifilter™ is a CARB-verified Level 3+ reduction technology – reducing particulate emissions by at least 85%.

If you want to know if Purifilter™ will work on your equipment, have questions specific to your fleet’s CARB compliance requirements or other CARB-verified solutions from CDTi, please feel free to contact us or one of our authorized distributor/installers.



CARB-verified Purifilter Applications:

pdfPurifilter H

pdfPurifilter L

Official CARB-Verification Letters:

pdfPurifilter H

pdfPurifilter L

Effective 01-20-2012
Purifilter H - Extended CARB Verification Coverage:

pdfPurifilter H Extension - CARB Verification Letter
pdfPurifilter H Extension - CARB-verified Engine Apps

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