pdfPurifilter Plus Product Overview

Purifilter™ Plus from CDTi combines self-regenerating DPF technology with periodic supplemental active regeneration - eliminating duty cycle requirements while ensuring consistent filter efficiency and equipment uptime.

Purifilter™ Plus combines DPF technology from Purifilter with electrical heating elements that can be engaged when needed to perform regeneration – maximizing vehicle uptime across a variety of highway and urban drive cycle applications.

Verified by CARB as a CARB-verified Level 3+ reduction technology, Purifilter™ Plus provides fleet managers the ability to readily maintain optimum vehicle performance while reducing DPF ownership costs.

This system is ideal for centrally-located fleets and fleets where trucks have access to off-board regeneration control panels.

If you want to know if Purifilter™ Plus will work on your equipment, have questions specific to your fleet’s CARB compliance requirements or other CARB-verified solutions from CDTi, please feel free to contact us or one of our authorized distributor/installers.


CARB-verified Purifilter Plus Applications:

pdfPurifilter Plus (1993-1994)

pdfPurifilter Plus (1994-2010)

pdfPurifilter Plus (International engines 2002-2009)

Official CARB-Verification Letters:

pdfPurifilter Plus

pdfPurifilter Plus (International Engines)

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